With the Help of Amazon.com, below are some of the products I recommend to all my puppy people for their new puppy, print out this page and click the banner to go shopping for your new puppy. 

Basic equipment I recommend for your new puppy 

Dog Crate

General Cage Black Epoxy finish

 #204 ($74.95)  24"x 36"x27" 

Stainless Steel 3 qt. bowl for feeding 

Stainless steel 2 qt bucket for water in the crate 

Puppy Collar 8-14 in adjustable collar 

Leather Leash 6ft. 3/4 in wide 

Grooming Supplies

Universal Large Slicker brush

Premium Comb fine and course teeth

Undercoat Rake Millers Forge (for removing dead coat) 

Nail Trimmer Millers Forge 

Puppy Toys

Assorted Stuffed animals toys

Hard Rubber toys like Kong toys

Vinyl squeaky toys

Booda bones and Rope type toys

Have a large assortment of toys so you can rotate them every couple of days so they always seem new to the puppy and they never get bored with their toys and start playing with the furniture.


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Last updated 11/29/2012