Ch. Deja Vu's Nautical Bouy

Picture of Bouy

OFA LR-51707E24M-T *** Eyes AVCO Cleared

Sire: Ch. Finchingfield Freedom II JH *** Dam: Belquest's Uncharted Seas

Bouy's Pedigree

Am Ch. Finchingfield Freedom II JHAm Can Ch. Davoeg Silky BeauAm Can Ch. Monarch's Black Arrogance CD WC
Briary Marzipan
Am Ch. Finchingfield EmmaAm Ch. Chafern Court Star of Fabracken
Am Ch. Finchingfield Faith
Belquest's Uncharted SeasCan Ch. Chocoura Seaworthy BelquestAm Can Bda Ch. Bradking Rangeways Mr. Chips
Am Can Ch. Chocoura's Seabreeze
Spiritwood's Zipcode BelquestAm Ch. Jayncourt Ajoco Justice
Spiritwood's Cassiopeia Am Can CD

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